Our Story

Home and Ranch Solar grew out of our desire to lower our own monthly bills.  We were living in a very inefficient log home that was very expensive to heat in the winter.  While exploring options, we found it difficult to locate solar energy companies that were local.  We didn't want to purchase a system from a big national company.  So we decided to start one!  We were fortunate to find a small company in a nearby state who's owner was willing and eager to help us get started.  Seven years later, our business is thriving and we absolutely love helping people break free from utility bills!

Why Choose Us?

We are small and we are local.  You will always get personalized service from the owners.  We take pride in our projects.  We like happy customers.  We have relationships with a variety of suppliers, so we always shop around to get our customers the best price on components.  If there is a problem with your system after it is installed, you don't have to call a toll free line and wait to speak with a customer service agent who knows nothing about you.  Our components all carry a factory warranty - typically 25 years.  We use local contractors for installation and electrical, because it is important to support other local small businesses in the area.

Sustainable Living

Solar was just the beginning of our journey towards sustainable living.  We purchased land in 2015 and are developing a completely sustainable farm.  Our plan is to have the farm support our food needs and we will have select products for sale.  Check out our farm website if you would like to learn more.