Grid-tied Systems

Our most common installation is a grid-tied rooftop mount system that is attached to the utility grid.  In this type of system, your solar panels will produce electricity that is essentially stored by the utility company on it's grid.  They will install a special meter called a 'net meter' that has the ability to run backwards.  When your solar panels are producing more electricity than you are using, the meter will run backwards - storing up 'killowatt hour credits' for you to use later.  Then when you are using more electricity than you are producing - during winter months for example - the meter will begin to run forward.  If you run out of credits, you will begin using kwh from the utility company and will be charged a normal rate.


  • you never run out of available power
  • less upfront costs for the system


  • if the power goes out, you will lose power
  • you will still have a power bill some months of the year

Off-grid System

Off-grid solar installations must have some way of storing the electricity produced by the solar panels.  This is generally accomplished with a series of batteries.  We use recommend either lithium-ion or salt-ion batteries instead of the old lead acid type.  Our batteries have zero maintenance and a 25 year life.  This type of system is ideal for locations that do not have readily accessible utilities or where bringing electricity to the site is cost prohibitive.  We can work with you to determine what your power needs will be and design a system with adequate storage to meet them.  We can also help design your home to be as energy efficient as possible and provide ideas on alternate energy appliances.  We are authorized dealers for several solar pumping products.


  • independence from the grid
  • backup capability


  • electricity can run out
  • initial system cost is higher
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Hybrid system

For those who want the convenience of being tied to the utility grid but the confidence of a backup system, our hybrid system is for you.  This system is a grid-tied system with either batteries or a generator as a backup.  With this system, when the power grid goes down, the backup power source will turn on to power critical circuits in your home or business.  The system will always keep the batteries charged.  With a generator, we will install an automatic switch that turns on the generator to charge the batteries so critical circuits will not lose power.


you never lose power to critical circuits

convenience of being attached to the grid


highest upfront costs


grunfos pump

Water pumping and irrigation

We can also help with solar water pumping and irrigation systems.  Often the highest cost to farmers is powering their pumps and sprinklers.  We are the first US company to design a completely off-grid 480v 3-phase irrigation system.  If you are really just interested in having the security of a solar powered pump for you well, we can do that too!  We are authorized dealers for both Grunfos and Lorenz pumps, which are specially designed to work with solar energy.

RV Kits

Are you just looking for a simple system to power your RV?  We have that too!  We offer several kits for cabins or RVs that can be customized to meet your needs.  Give us a call to talk about what you are looking for!